Romantic style in haute couture

Victorian era - a time of wealth, luxury and a truly royal style.

High collars and bibs, ruffles and flounces. Blouses and jackets with puffed sleeves. Corsets.Saturated color. Best fabrics - cashmere noble, luxurious satin, thin silk, velvet, aristocratic.Generous, elegant decor

And a prerequisite for the royal style - layering. The combination of several things different textures of fabrics, aged in one color produces a truly stunning effect.

In the modern fashion Victorian style admirably represented in the collections of well-known radicals - Alexander McQueen, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and in the collections of many designers of the world - you can find trends in the last century.
For example, Nicolas Gesker (Nicholas Ghesquiere) chose a futuristic version of the popular Victorian silhouette "hourglass figure" by using technological materials and creating a sparkling jackets without corsets.

A pioneer of punk fashion Vivienne Westwood, with its pronounced outrageous style - the undisputed master of combinations of incongruous directions - hard punk in an aristocratic manner.

Victorian style, with a gradient of almost Gothic - great fashion designers, which created amazing images: from the young heir to a Scottish clan, and Amadeo of the "Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice to the original Victorian punks. 
Dominated by black uniforms with a very specific type coats, men's collars, loose loose trousers, coats and other bulky items

Gothic aesthetics in fashion collections just adorable! Images of Princes decadent and fragile beauties make it a fascinating and captivating. 
Victorian style in a modern interpretation - it's just like fetishes and high boots, a huge platform, puppet costumes and make-apa, and a charming image of a maid in black and juicy short dress.

One of the main preferences - it's lace, ruffles and all kinds of decor.

For winter and cold weather - the bulk sweaters, knitted dresses, maxi, strict business "English" suits, warm wraps and shawls - finally, this Victorian style fully come into vogue ...
s collections during Paris Fashion Week January 23, 2009. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier (FRANCE)


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