This vest - a real transformer! Tie him and try to dress in different ways - usually upside down. Your wardrobe will be both elegant and a little bolero jacket with a collar-hood.
Dial the number on the spokes 4 brown thread 30P. and knit garter by adding the two sides on the 1n. in each row 16 times, received the rounded bottom of the back, knit straight. 31cm across the bottom edge of the central, close 10p. and finish the back of the neck separately from the truncated series, covering the center of 5, 4, 3, 2 ". and further on the 1n. until you close all the loops. You will get a rounded rectangle, or refer to a dotted line.
Dial tight on circular needles № 3 Edge loop lower part of the back and sides of 12cm. For further armholes type working thread 30P. To produce an armhole approximately 19cm and then continues to gain Edge loop top of the rectangle. Repeat for the second set of loops similar to the first armhole and farther around the perimeter of the rectangle.
After receiving the spokes of about 300p., Knit garter in a circle, rectangle obvyazyvaya back, passing on all the thicker spokes. Provyazav 20cm., Knit melange yarn. Through 10 cm. Close the loop is free.Armhole tie hook: 1p. st.b / n and rachim step.


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