Sewing evening dress tutorial


Hướng dẫn cắt may váydạ hội, váy cưới




Grid with a width of 110cm took 2 meters.
Details patterns laid out jack.

With regard to patterns.First, we construct something like a grid pattern to a scale of 1:4, then this grid painted the beautiful lines and form the bodice.Increases of not doing at all!Then this small size has increased to the desired 1:1.Dress tselnokroynoe - Year of the waist.It is still more fun to work with.Well, like I do myself the complexity and courage to overcome them.Corset consisted of 9 parts - 4 on the back and 5 on the front to the middle of no seam (bone).A year is calculated from the fact that girls love a long, luxuriant.A magnificent - it is the sun.The formula L = 2pR = 2 * 3.14 * (8.5 +65) = 461sm.8,5 - the radius of the waist circumference, and 65 - the length of the skirt.It turned out that half of 461sm, is230 cm is on the back and the other half on the front, becauseseams on the sides.Next.From 230 cm to back at 57.5 cm is for each part (230:4).Accordingly, the front of 230:5 = 46.Hence every detail of the transfer corset skirt extending from the bottom up to 46cm.I hope, of course wrote ...In truth, when cutting is not taken into account the allowances for seams in a skirt, why in the end skirt sun does not lay down - to 5 photos can be seen


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