Socks obsession

from 1850 to 1914. Although the stockings and did not show they were decorated with embroidery and openwork patterns. Ornate silk stockings were saving for the evening, the models were simpler days.

In 1876 Ferréol Dede invented belt for stockings, but women still continued to wear the garter until 1930. Progenitors of modern nylon tights, without which it can not imagine my life no modern woman, had nylon stockings, went through silk

Stockings nylon producers have been named "clothing of the future." "Wear socks made ​​of silk, not nylon - it's like to prefer a horse car" - said the advertising agents and handed out free copies of the presentation to women.
The ladies were delighted: of nylon stockings stretched well, retains its shape, not subsided, do not slip, erotic encircle the leg. During the four days were sold over five million pairs, while nylon stockings worth twice the price of silk.
American women swept the nylons from the shelves, fought hysterically if they are not getting any "clothing of the future." About the police department were on duty, which restrained the crowds of women who were trying to capture a treasured pair of stockings.
Sellers of silk stockings tearing their hair because nylon wins, losses have been enormous. Some sellers are going to mislead and betrayed silk stockings for the nylon.
Meanwhile, newspapers published photographs in which an American who had just bought a package of stockings, he immediately tore it and put new clothes on the street. Newsboys in the chronicles of accidents wrote: "The robbers escaped, but the stockings are saved!", "Eight girls miraculously survived the fire. Stockings saved!".
Wartime and deficiency leads to the fact that women themselves are beginning to knit socks from the wool

In December 1941, the United States was declared a nylon material of strategic importance. He started out strong and easy to sew parachutes, tarpaulins for trucks, military uniforms, hiking backpacks.
From 1941 to 1945, cards were introduced in which an American could buy only six pairs of nylon stockings in a year. To save precious clothing, women did not wear stockings in summer, and covered his legs painted a light brown color in hairdressing painted feet "under the stockings," paints and crayons: draw a seam, heel, even a hole, and mending.
Meanwhile, nylon stockings were conquered Europe. In Britain, they became the best gift at Christmas and at the same time the best bribe an official in, so how to get nylon stockings during World War II was a "feat".
In 1958, on a circular machine for the first time create a seamless stockings, which are gaining market share.
In 1960, a new stage in the history of the hosiery industry - there are the first models with bright colors and colorful patterns. But the real breakthrough comes in 1962 with the introduction of fashion for mini-skirts, which came up with English stylist Mary Quant. Its novelty picks designer Andre Kurrezh in 1965. Since then, his legs show the knees and hips, even the girls to anyone does not remain a secret. Legs are beginning to "dictate" mode: for the convenience of replacing stockings tights come
Market stocking gaining a new synthetic fiber LYCRA ®, which in hosiery industry are starting to use only in 1980. It is added to nylon to impart strength, flexibility and transparency.
Now on the market represented a huge variety of stockings and tights. Hundreds of new models appear every season. However, despite the efforts of producers, the French market of hosiery is experiencing a crisis in European production is dominated by Italy.
  This is the story of the mysterious element of women's clothes - socks, prompted by famous artists, photographers and sculptors to create the world's masterpieces.


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