Summer fashion


We put shirts and t-shirts to the gym, to bed, and a sweater. We have them work, learn, relax and go out into the light. They accompany us throughout life. 

Long, short, white, black, and other various colors, with various inscriptions, images, or simple shirts and t-shirts every person. They are comfortable and are so diverse that it combines with almost any clothing, This is truly a universal thing! 

With pants and skirts, jeans and shorts, or just T-shirts as a dress .. - Now wear them with anything.To Mike put on a stylish decoration, they fit almost any shoes, it all depends on what style of band you have chosen. 

- Need a lightweight business suit? Combine black shirt with a sand-colored pants or ivory and a jacket to match - and you're ready for any business meeting.
- Wear a white T-shirt bra bright colors such as fuchsia and plum. And rest assured, you will not be deprived of male attention.
- Try to wear over a blouse or shirt transparent loose white shirt over a black T-shirts - stylish ensemble for the city and you are always in the jet.
- T-shirts with spilled on them with bright splashes of color works beautifully with summer trousers of the same color. Complete this simple ensemble of stylish bracelets - and elegant designer dress ready.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and turtlenecks in the locker room should be a lot, and their styles and colors should be very diverse. And then we can easily pick up any ensemble - from jeans to business skirts. 

- Of course, Mike is good as a summer option in an ensemble with sandals and sandals, in combination with fluffy skirts, bellbottoms, packs, maxi skirts and petticoats on the floor. 
- Stylish short jackets and blazers will add respectability. 

Modern T-shirts and shirts are sewn from anything, including the most luxurious fabrics, it is not surprising that people in T-shirts can be seen even in the most prestigious parties and events.
But this event is fine and the usual white T-shirt or T-shirt that simply must have one. And no one (!)

- Kprimeru, if you will visit the ceremony, wearing a plain white T-shirt with silver metallic bodice combined with an easy free skirt.
T-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks - is a cool stylish clothes, win-win option that, regardless of what you have to reconcile, help you out in any situation 

And now a series of pictures with ideas and examples - like the schem can wear the ordinary T-shirt that would look stylish and very modnenko. 


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