Tulip mood: flower arrangement tutorial

0303hou_24.jpg (250×186)

We will need:
Vase of cylindrical form, 
Leaves bergrassa, 
Decorative glass stones 
Floral adhesive.

What to do:
Pruning tulips, they are all different lengths. It is better to prune them obliquely, so that they could get as much moisture. From Bobtail tulips removed all the foliage on several long stems can be left.
We spread it in a vase, glass pebbles. Laid with tulips in a vase, from the shortest, the longest inserted last. Pour into a bowl of water.
Beam bergrassa anchors at the ends and wound onto the bottom of the vase until the water level. If necessary, you can put on a vase floral glue for better fixation. The tips of the leaves and cut the ties.
The composition looks very original through a combination of smooth curves of stems of tulips and a cylindrical vase.


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