Underwater reef made ​​of paper and imagination: the work Amy Eisenfeld Genser

Подводные рифы Эми Генсер
Underwater reefs Amy Genser

How to find themselves in an amazing underwater world , among the silvery air bubbles and funny, but the silent and mysterious fish coral thickets?You can, for example, put his head in an aquarium. And you can just look at the reefs painter-decorator Amy Eyzenfeld Genser (Amy Eisenfeld Genser), which beautifully conveys diversity of marine and unusual elements - but made ​​from the most ordinary of colored paper.

Подводные рифы из бумаги и акрила
Underwater reef made of paper and acrylic

Well, who would have thought that the wound rolls of colored paper and acrylic, so reminiscent of reefs, which frolic shrimp, swaying colorful anemones and green algae? Perhaps this could have imagined just her - the artist from the West Harford (Conn.) Amy Genser. "I admire the water flows, the order of bee hives and organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rocks, shellfish, algae and moss ..." - She says. Chaotic order, correct the disorder, the struggle of the natural freedom and harmony - that's constant themes of the artist.

Подводные рифы из рулончиков бумаги
Underwater reefs of rolls of paper

Despite the fact that his greatest creative achievement Amy finds her husband and three sons, works from the series "Float" it seems, too, were great fun. Color and texture of these reefs from the rolls of paper at first sight striking in their harmony, by the way, they can be used to simulate not only flowing underwater world, but also to make colorful rugs, risaovat landscapes of other planets, and indeed everything: the original style of Amy Genser has great potential. In particular, because different sizes of rolls allow you to attach "pictures" volume.

Необычные декорации от Эми Генсер
Unusual scenery from Amy Genser

Подводные рифы Эми Генсер
Underwater reefs Amy Genser

Perhaps the ideal use of style, which made ​​these reefs - the sets for a wide variety of films and cartoons. Importantly, to such interesting scenery for the viewer is not eclipsed the fate of the heroes. In the meantime, Amy Genser is involved in numerous exhibitions in which her ​​works are always a success.

Подводные рифы и иные миры: фантазии подвластно все
Underwater reefs and other worlds: fantasy subject to all


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