wedding rings: Latin sayings for engraving

 At the wedding all newlyweds prinepremenno buy the ring. But to make them engraved guess not everyone.Long since thought that caused the word on the ring are a kind of spell constraining union.

The entire wedding ceremony betrayed this spell is truly magical power, forcing the men to go look at the inscription on the feats, sad wives waiting for husbands to acquire confidence in their return. Now any psychologist will confirm that undoubtedly engraved on the ring has a strong influence.
All the triumph and the importance of time invested in one phrase, which is applied to the ring. After removing the ring and read this inscription, assure psychologists, increasing confidence disappear fear. This avoids infidelity, to strengthen the alliance.
And if a religious person, the notice represents a spiritual unity of souls and is a symbol of materialization of this union.


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