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These beautiful carpets, painting the size of a sheet of Whatman admired and surprise everyone who sees them. It seems incredible that such sophisticated formulations may carry children. It turns out that everything is possible. If the right to organize collective creativity, then this work can handle even the first graders.
:In order to fulfill the mosaic technique to miter, colored crepe paper required, the rod of a ballpoint pen and PVA glue.

  1. Strips of crepe paper cut into squares with a side of the eye about 1 cm
  2. Draw on heavy paper or cardboard of any pattern.
  3. Apply a thin strip of glue along the contour to a small part of the pattern.
  4. Butt of the rod (blunt end), put the box down.
  5. Doubt the square rod and rolled between the fingers.
  6. You will get colored duct-tortsovochka.
  7. Put it on the glue.
  8. Remove the rod.
  9. Each additional tortsovochku stick close to the previous one. Try to put tortsovochki close to each other, to leave no gaps.
  10. Mosaic technique can be performed on the miter circuit or to make a solid.
  11. Can the same technique to fill the background around the pattern. Get a little fluffy rug.

You can work the whole class and do a great mosaic of the size of a sheet of drawing paper. Work on such a carpet can be turned into an interesting game.It is necessary to break all box for mosaics in the boxes (for example, with a side of 5 cm). Each child performs on a mosaic of several squares, and then pastes them to the appropriate place on the sketch. Places joining squares practically will not be visible due to fluffy.
Author: Olga Kir'yanova


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