Baby favors: Set for girls 2 years

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Flexible dial set with 100 columns yo.With this set, on the left are pretty eyelet that's on them and go back.
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If you set the top, I get 17 patterns.Divide the so-4 on the shelf, 9 on the back, 4 - on the shelf.Now look at the photo.In the photo at the back, not dovyazana back.I am in its last row, directly in the process of joining the shoulders.
3620e35f6791 (640x363, 77Kb)
I'm always at the end of the series, if not previously believed arrive just in time, somewhere not in the third loop, and a fourth do sc.Roughly half of the first series when openwork knitted, I was plain enough (just stretch out like every six-loop where you plan to do veerochek) and watch how many orphan loops remain, such as 3.So I'm going to do 3 times not in the third and the fourth
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