Bead jewelry: beautiful pendant tutorial

To work will need:
Beads 2-color;
beads, beads in the same tone;
And so, let us begin!
In the middle of the thread (about 50-60cm) recruit beads in the following order (in this case black and red): 2-iron, 4-red, 3 black. 

Insert the needle into 7yu black beads, as shown in photo

Then take the red beads and type in 5 different red, then another red, we pass into the third red. Now take a black and derive the needle from the 1st black beads. That's what we have.

Now this same thread, we introduce the previous even-beads.

We take a chenuyu bead and introduce the needle into the red

So whip below

Now coming out of black beads, recruit black and red beads, and introduce the needle into the lower red bead

Continue to weave, as in the beginning.

Scourge right ryadov.Zakanchivaem Number of wickerwork from outside to inside. Recruit black bead-skipping into the red. recruit red bserinu and skipping in 2nizhnih beads (red and black) and anchoring nitVot that we should get

Now whip the other side similarly to the first

Get this

Now sew the bottom part of the lower lobe for 3 beads

So whip another 4 petals

Now connects all 5 petals

The result was a battery taka here

Now connect the petals in a circle

Sewn bead

Vokrugbusny sew bser

The flower is ready


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