Cardigan and vest pattern

Beautiful Structure 
Plans for this vest-superspace ponchos, and knitted structure of the material is spectacular.Ideal - wearing a poncho with a black belt at the waist.

Scheme see patterns on the trail.Photos.

Sizes 34-44

You will need:
Jersey with a structural pattern width of 140 cm, length 1.40 m. Thin milled jersey as a lining: 140 cm wide, length 1.40 m. The silk paper.Thread for sewing.

Scheme of patterns:
As cited in the following photo sizes fabricate pattern in the original amount.

Details vykroyte with tolerances to 1 cm in all slices.

Both types of knitted fold in half lengthwise face inwards.
Upper fabric:
Cut out piece poncho folded 1x.
Map out the details on the front seats for sewing belt loops for belt.
Detail of the poncho to carve out 1 x folded.
Carve out four loops of length 10 cm (Measure width of belt, which you'll wear with a poncho), 8 cm wide, off the shelf width of 4 cm

Details poncho folded face-to-Sew in all slices, with one straight cut to leave a hole of length ca.10 cm for turning.At the corners of the allowances to mow.Detail of the twist and priutyuzhit so that the seams lay precisely in the fold.The hole in the seam to sew by hand.
Loops folded in half the width of the face inward.Long Stitch slices.Razutyuzhit allowances.Loops, and twist priutyuzhit so that stitches were in the middle of the back side.Pin loops on labels.The ends of the belt loops and tuck in pristrochit edge.

Scheme patterns for ponchos 


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