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Children must be perfect in the eyes of her young master.But we adults are often not something that we do not take this into account, but did not consider it necessary to consult with their fumes, furnished our room for him.
But the interior and its colors - small world, is able to provide a very large impact on the child's character and the formation of his personality.And of course, the kid in his room to be comfortable and interesting. 

Talk with your child Designers call children's room, where the child lives from birth to twelve years.When he grows out of short trousers, to his room already imposed the "adult" needs.And to show their owner can own.
But while he was very young, nursery falls on the shoulders of parents, and doing it, though pleasant, but not easy. 
The most common mistake adults - children's design without the participation of the child.Of course, a three-year child does not notify you that prefer the interior of any particular style, so it's him and not have to.But the child is able to say that he wants to wall "with fish", "cubs" or with some "unknown little animals."Because every child lives in his own fantasy world.Take the trouble to create an atmosphere in the nursery, which will meet them and to please him.And do not forget a simple truth: that an adult is good - then the child is bad.
"Most parents want children to stand united with all the flat style, but it is wrong.Do not torture a child, he should not live in an atmosphere of strict classical, and the more modern style or a high-tech.In his room, everything should be bright and interesting "- advises designer Ludmila Krasnov. 
What a color In the design of children have their own unwritten rules, which are recommended to adhere to.Firstly, the room should be "sustainable."This means that the floor should be darker than the walls.If it is the opposite - the child does not understand the design refinements and it will be uncomfortable.Second, the color should be bright and cheerful.In general, the color - a powerful stimulant, and with his help stimulate a child can be done.For example, the color blue evokes a feeling of coolness soothes the nervous system, and the green is refreshing and also has a sedative effect.These colors are good for rooms with windows facing south.Or for children, the owners are alive, hyperactive or excitable children.And if your kid is too low, caught the child to his room to add more yellow and orange hues, creating a mood.They are also good for rooms where the sun rarely looks.
'Toy'Furniture Children's furniture - not something that is for you.It has its own characteristics - different size, color and function.Here, too, preferred the whole bright and radiant.Do not take too much space, furniture, a child can play on the floor at his pleasure, but do not leave excessive space.Otherwise, the baby will get lost in their own domains.If the room is large, divide it into several areas - playing, sleeping, training. The boundaries can be wall or shelving.While the child goes to kindergarten on the shelves to "settle" toys, and in the future - of the book.
All the leading furniture suppliers produce a special series of children's furniture.As a rule, sets of furniture for children includes everything - from the bed and desk to tables and chests of drawers.Baby furniture sets on the market a great many, but should give preference made from natural solid wood.
Details - this is not trivia The choice of furniture is made.Now, children need to "decorate" and "revive".The child should not be bored in it, and therefore he should be able to do something, build, draw, sculpt ... Many parents, who made an expensive renovation, this is not like that.Nevertheless, let your imagination and develop the fumes come out of what interested kid.
If he likes to paint - hang on the walls of bright pictures, perhaps his own, and the bottom seal of the walls with white sheets, to be where to draw the new creations.If you like sculpture out of plasticine, Attach special plates, which can sculpt anything and in any desired amount, without prejudice to the walls.If he grows curious - buy a globe or hang on a wall map.When a child grows up, hang in his room watch some "fun" colors.
Ornament child can be funny little animals with mats, applications.And if the little animals to sew on small and large breast pockets, the kids will be able to put them in their pajamas, a hairbrush, or hide different things there sweetie ...The interior of the young mathematician can "revive" the bright three-dimensional figures of colorful fabric to "Velcro."Changing their places, the kid will learn to count.
And in the end a couple of designs nursery.Hopefully useful.
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