Circle Jacket tutorial


Yesterday, a measure of such a cloak of double-sided wool, dark and light gray, looks - stunned. If at a low growth of its long dress part down, then we have a long waistcoat, and if the opposite is the collar covers the hands, and there are "sleeves". Versatile cape is useful both in the home locker room, and at work! "(This refers to the model without sleeves!)
Recommended material: woolen cloth, can be milled, mohair, or as a cheaper option, good quality fleece. Sewn together to reveal a half-hour. Armhole are treated as loops "in the box."

At this embodiment the sleeves almost a kimono, a little narrowed down. Stitched seam underwear.
Sleeveless it can be worn upside down, to decide - where the legs. If you sew the sleeves on the type of kimono, this possibility remains, and if the "right" arm, the "upside down" did not dress.
short version:

Take the circle diameter in width fabric, say 140 to 140.
Divide it in half horizontally and vertically. In the second half we draw two vertical segments, which start from our horizontal. Segments located on both sides of the vertical distance of 20 cm, ie between the segments - 40cm.


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