Corner work place

4 Ideas how to place in the living room desk.

On the one hand, to mix business and life is not quite right, but on the other - without a computer table will not do now, none of residential interiors. As well equipped comfortable home office that he did not spoil the look of the room?

Idea number 1. Transparent business

Glass designs - this is probably one of the most aesthetic and practical ways to hide the workplace. Thin matte paintings hardly eat space and at the same time, durable and easily cleaned. They will be hidden from prying eyes artistic mess and business papers on your desk.But at the same time, guests will be clear that not all of your leisure time passes in an easy chair in front of TV

• corner glass shelves are very roomy. They are easy to manufacture to order. And in an assortment of many stores have special brackets for mounting shelves to the wall - as the most simple, in the form of pins, and more intricate.
• Before installing the door must be carefully aligned wall and secure the straps, which will later be bolted hinges. Cornice with integrated lighting can be made of thick furniture board or more light-weight design of bars and MDF.

Idea number 2. Backstage

Curtains help to refine and soften the situation room. For elegant drapery, both theatrical scenes, hidden workplace "director". This is exactly the cheapest method of zoning. You will need only an additional piece of fabric and a couple of feet of flexible cornice, in which we can use a piece of aluminum tube. Change the scenery, too: just sew new curtains and repaint the wall. 
• Aluminum profiled rods bent in the vertical (for arch) and horizontally (in the bay window), but is only suitable for lightweight fabrics - heavy drapes on them not resist. Bend radius across - more than 10 cm Price 1 running. m - from 200 rubles.
• In this case involved a minimum of equipment: there is no scanner or printer, and the role of the workstation is a laptop that takes up very little space on counter. But the Securities and reference literature amply sufficient to racks and shelves.

Idea number 3. Whistling all up!

Difficult to withstand our winter. Little sun, cold, or sleet - in a word, depressing is the weather. Dispel sadness tastefully played out marine theme. One of the central elements of the composition - a case with a secret, its doors reminiscent of the entrance to the ship's forecastle. Especially expressive wooden lattice panels. Together with a blue stripe on the wall and a wooden handrail under the shelf, this piece of furniture creates an image unless the cabin cruise ship, then certainly the apartments in the seaside resort.
• The doors to the bars or the type of blinds you can buy in the supermarket building, or perform on request. Ready unpainted door dimensions 2013 × 394 mm will cost about 650 rubles. Painted twice as expensive, but looks much more respectable. Pay attention to the ceiling of the cabinet - a side of the bars gives it more validity.
• Given the shortage of the keyboard and mouse pad better place on leaving the shelves. And then at the main table top will be enough space for books, printer and business papers.

Idea № 4. The Secret Life!

At first glance this drawing is difficult to imagine that it lies some mystery. In contrast, the reddish-orange walls and light finish to assure openness and hospitality of the hosts. But upon closer inspection, several wall panels are doors leading into the flat work area. What a surprise!
This decision is interesting because it does not reduce the volume of the room. Fairly low angle of the regiment leaves free. So the room looks more spacious.
• For a complete transfiguration of the living room into a home office must be widely open the doors, roll out desk with the system unit and push chair. It will take only a couple of minutes. And you can take clients or friends to show your photographs right on your computer.
• To produce such panels and doors required skills joiner. But if you slightly change the design, we can restrict furniture boards from solid or laminated chipboard and loops of two types - conventional and the door-"accordions".


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