Crafts for summer and spring: crochet dress and beret

Lace set "Laguna" for a girl (hook).

Age: 2 years

Yarn: Papillon (cotton with viscose) from Lanoso - 150g colors of turquoise, cables (cotton) Semenovskaya factories - 50 in white.
Hook: number two
Sundresses. Operation :
Sundress tally of Taliev line up - top, bottom - a skirt.

Leaf: common thread turquoise dial string of air loop of desired length, close it in the ring. Tie next sc. Then knit a number of SS2N *, 2 * LP - this is the series for weaving satin ribbon that is tied to the bow back (I have not had time to stretch). After that, knit two rows of round sc - one thread turquoise one - white. Now turning rows of knit bodice sarafan the scheme:


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