Crafts for summer: making flower for accessories

Small sewing flower. The idea of ​​a Japanese magazine. Only the middle of a very thought up. There's some other one was.

You will need:
6 squares 11x11,
a range of 11cm. in diameter,
strong thread (I have to jeans).

1. The square on the diagonal add up to a thread and make a round on the trajectory as shown in the photo.

2. Putting it tightly and skip the needle once again through all the folds. Fasten the thread, cut.
3. Extra places at the bottom also cut.
So do six petals. Can be more.)))

4. All the petals lay out in a circle on the fabric, pins pins and sew a strong thread.

Middle of a (yo-yo).
1. bending the edge of the circle to collect the entire circumference of the thread.
2. contractible and firmly anchoring a few stitches.

Thus we get the middle of a-yo-Joschka.
3. pins to the middle of a flower and sew in a circle concealed stitches.

4. Do not cut off the thread after sewing at the center, sew on buttons. In the process I changed the buttons, because the first was too big.
.))))))) ready to flower



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