Crafts with beads: making orchids.


Here is found a very nice bouquet of orchids. I want to try to make herself the same, but as long as the description of the author.

We will need:- Wire of various diameters,
- Beads: dan in the case of white, green and blue,
- Steklarus green (can be beads, but trying to bugle leaves me more like it)
- Midway beads for the flower
- Floral tape for wrapping the stem of a flower,
- Alabaster and konechnozhe himself a pot.
Of the tools we need wire cutters and pliers (handy to bend the edge of the wire).

Making a flower:
We need to make 5 different sizes of flowers and several buds.
Since I did everything I took schemes without any arbitrary size of petals, doing a single flower, picked it and then decide it would be either very large or medium or small-same (it's depending on what size you want to have all the flower).

For a single flower neohodim such a "set" of petals:

So get started:
1. Central heating's doing this leaflet:

From the pictures you can find any number of beads to take:
3 series for french braiding with the addition to the main axis between the rows of beads:

then 4 series before reaching the upper point of the axis of catching the previous series, how-to wire in the opposite direction razvorachivaemsya-5 series, then do the same with the other lobe:

6 and 7 series as the previous ones with the turn:

For details please do 8 and 9 series.
2. More needs to be done french braiding three such lobe (inset dark beads in bright arbitrarily)

3. Making the two largest petals for the flower:

4. Delem nesimetrichnyh 2 more petals from different sides:
Pass 2 rows of french braiding with beads separation on the central axis, and then go through the 3rd row to the top of the axle and four series, expand in the opposite direction (making a petal on one side is wider relative to the major axis):

Also, with toyzhe hand, expand some more, so that the central axis, we have on the one hand more than 2 rows on the other. Should get here this leaflet:

Doing another leaf repeat the operation with only a mirror image to get there are leaves:

5. Remained the most complex Malenko and not a petal, which will cover the beads:
Delaetsya french braided with beads of the separation between the rows (3 rows enough).
Note: We finish putting the petals on the axle and bend the wire bead wrap the bead under the central axis.
Sobitaem flower:
The lowest two petals with white, then sets of item 2 above by placing a flower petals between the two white and two at the bottom of the flower. Then place the two lobes in nesimetrichnyh verzhney parts of the flower to the bottom between them turned out to be the last. Dalshe place in the bottom of the central lobe, and above it the smallest. In sredinku paste bead (some beads), small-sama, how-to bend over the beads. Twist tightly all the wires at the base of the flower.
Next we need the number and size of these flowers (on the smallest flower petals from there p.5)
Delayutsya buds of two ordinary petals madeness french braiding without separating beads on the axis between the rows.
Making the leaves.
To take the central axis of the wire thicker than braiding series, because leaves may buckle under the weight. The dimensions of leaves are arbitrary, I made three long and three short.I took a bugle and I liked it, and I advise you (painfully beautiful perelivaetsya). French braided weave, too, do not take too long and the series will be divided among themselves.
Collect the whole flower:
Each flower attaches to the thicker the wire, something he had not tended to head wraps floristic lenotoy at such a distance that is necessary for the attachment of the carrier p of the flower.
Stem make the thickest wire possible and in a few times, attach the buds and flowers (the bottom is the biggest, smallest on top) then it is very prigodyatsya pliers (to make a lot of effort in prikriplenii flowers, and with a bare stem with your fingers not uderzhish), not obvorachivat forget to attach the flowers as the stem tape. Leaves attach to a level where they will grow out of the pot.
Edge of the rest of the wire does not cut, bend and sprayachem in a pot.
Dilute alabaster flower and plant. It is necessary to take into account that the pot can shatter, this can be cut to the inside koktelnyh tubules pinoplasta. What would be the pot is not turned him props for the very stability of the orchid. To cover the plaster on top under the leaves put pebbles.
That's it.


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