crafty jewelry: Beaded barrette.

What you need:
  • basis for the hairpin
  • "Iris" or any other suitable yarn
  • thread for beads
  • needle for beads
  • various beads , sequins, beads
  • hook (size depends on yarn)
  • scissors
1) Remove the inner part of the hairpins, asit will interfere with roping.
2) Start a hairpin lace at one end or simple stobikami polustolbikami.
3) Keep a hairpin lace up until it is fully covered with thread.How tight to do it - a matter of taste.You can also make the next series of columns or other patterns crochet.

4) Make the desired mixture of beads and beads.You can use a completely different beads and sequins, and you can select only one species.So it is very convenient to "build out" the remnants of beads.
5) Fasten the thread on the pins (you can use a special thread for beads, or take the same yarn, which is wrapped in a hairpin).Type in the number of beads randomly needle, thread the needle through the yarn on the pin, to repeat until the entire clip will not be covered with beads.String of beads may be little, then they will sit tight on the pin, if string a lot, then clip will be "fluffy."Beads can be selected randomly or by any laws.You can leave gaps where the thread is visible, and you can hide it completely.The result can be very, very different.

6) Once all the pin trimmed with beads, thread mount.Insert the inside of the hairpins.
7) Hairpin ready!:)
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Author: Olga Yasnovidova


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