Crafty jewelry: Costume jewelry from polymer clay - a necklace of flowers

Costume jewelry from polymer clay has always attracted my attention, which is why I often spend time in searching for interesting work, shared in the network.

Today has found an unusual handmade necklace made from polymer clay, three-dimensional, but they look graceful and elegant.Bouquets of wild flowers were placed on metal plates, reminiscent of flower beds, connected by brass chains.On the neck necklace is fastened a strip of silk.On the reverse side of the plate coated with a special varnish that was not allergic to the skin.
Jewelry from polymer clay
Many skilled workers like their hands to create jewelry from polymer clay - these ornaments have always attracted attention.Here, for example, and an unusual necklace, reminiscent of a lotus pond.Copper plates 0.5 mm thick painted in the technique of 3D (bulk coating) of polymer clay.Bronze chain fall off as the raindrops.The plates are attached to a cord made of leather.

Jewelry from polymer clay
Necklace is decorated with colorful roses, framed by leaves from polymer clay, silver wire attached to a turquoise leather cord 2 mm wide.

Jewelry from polymer clay


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