Crafty jewelry: Crochet jewelry

As far as stylish, feminine and even sexuality can be knitted jewelry, look!
This is probably the eastern temperament gave life to this interesting combination - of down, feathers and crocheted details.
I just fall in love with the author, her name DAINTYCROCHETBYALY.
 (570x455, 58Kb)
 (570x475, 48Kb)

 (520x489, 36Kb)

 (570x427, 35Kb)
 (415x360, 25Kb)
 (570x427, 50Kb)
 (570x562, 71Kb)
 (452x333, 22Kb)
 (570x511, 50Kb)
 (570x427, 68Kb)
 (570x600, 76Kb)
 (570x636, 67Kb)
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