Crafty jewelry: Feathers and beads.

il_570xN.194710339 (570x675, 70Kb)

Work FeatherObsession have combined beads, leather laces and feathers.
See a selection of jewelry with feathers:
il_570xN.226706699 (570x527, 57Kb)
il_570xN.220938574 (570x378, 38Kb)
il_570xN.236787470 (570x436, 55Kb)
il_570xN.245591432 (466x700, 77Kb)
il_570xN.199814861 (570x598, 23Kb)
il_570xN.236779048 (570x495, 54Kb)
il_570xN.226782852 (392x700, 87Kb)
il_570xN.206187014 (570x453, 57Kb)
il_570xN.204480378 (570x436, 37Kb)
il_570xN.227115186 (570x544, 56Kb)
il_570xN.238978959 (570x464, 61Kb)
il_570xN.202990842 (570x542, 42Kb)


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