Crafty jewelry: Set of plastic.

You will need : four colors of plastic, rubber hat, met. blanks for rings and earrings, leather cord, suede or waxed for a pendant met. clamps the cord met. lock, wooden toothpicks, tonkogubtsy. 

Step 1. Roll out the formation of our four primary colors. And a little prikataem them in pairs

Step 2. stenciled, made ​​of plastic or waxed paper files, cut out the flowers of the required size.More for the pendant and bracelet, a ring for a smaller and earrings.

Step 3. Zaglada edge that they had looked carefully through the stack or the fingers. I perform similar operations in the rubber medical gloves - no fingerprints, and less plastic is heated in the hands, and, consequently, less deformed.

Step 4. seredinok to roll all four colors together.

Step 5. and roll up into tight rolls (try that would have had no air between the layers). Cut in thin pancakes and spread on the middle of a flower, a little crushing. Flowers for the pendant and bracelet reward midway on both sides for earrings and rings - one. On a sheet of wax paper put this beauty in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. That would be a subsequent puncture holes to reduce the distortion to a minimum.

Step 6. pierces a hole. To pierce the flowers in the middle of the bracelet, pendant to - one petal. That would pierce a long hole and not to crush the flower first puncture a thin, long needle, and then expand the hole with a toothpick (be sure to be passed through the hole hat and rubber cord of your choice. Flowers for earrings and rings leave the solid.

Step 7. We spread flowers on protven folded four times a sheet of wax paper and put it bake in the oven at a temperature of 110-130 grams. (Check out the recommendations of baking temperature on the packaging of your plastic) after 30 minutes. gat, give cool down and collect our product. Bracelet - hat on the gum. The ends of the gum I hide in a hole of the flower, pre-stitching them together with two or three stitches and dropping a super-glue for strength.

Step 8. cord anchoring in the special terminals (they can be made ​​by wire with kruglogubtsev. see page references). Put a glue, then hold tonkogubtsami. Attach the lock with the aid of the connecting ring or directly to the extreme curl clip.

Step 9. the work piece for earrings and rings attach flowers super-glue.

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