Crafty jewelry: Wool, beads and silk.

I just fell in love with these gentle, yet such chustvennye rings, bracelets and necklaces from TrendeFemme .
Not strong enough to close the window with her tricks .. so no options, perpetuate at home.
 (445x640, 33Kb)

 (536x699, 57Kb)
 (466x699, 37Kb)

 (570x570, 51Kb)

 (570x462, 61Kb)
 (466x699, 51Kb)
 (525x700, 42Kb)
il_570xN (497x698, 40 Kb)
And here is itself a magical girl:
 (475x699, 61Kb)
 (454x698, 71Kb)
 (513x699, 77Kb)
 (466x699, 50Kb)
 (570x676, 65Kb)
 (526x699, 63Kb)


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