crafty jewelry

Author lj_polymerclayfimo.  
1. Take a few pieces of colored plastic. You can take the color-partners (as in this case), and can be color-antagonists, contrasts also look good)
I usually take a 4.3 in color, but for the master class has already 7)))
2. Form a variety of sausages, I made the simplest, but if you wish, you can much more complex;)    
3. Then, in a totally chaotic order sausages put all together.    
4. Form a triangle with his hands. We can generate a square or a rectangle (the cut), is also interesting patterns obtained from this, such as here
5. Cut in half and stick the resulting fit together like the picture) Form the square shape of poluchivshesya cane.  
6. After seeing this razrezaniyaiya
 7. add up. after each step carefully, do not forget pulling the resulting cane.    
 8. cut in half again and add), this happens a rapport (a recurring part (motive), figure (pattern)), in principle, this could stop ...
9. but we decided to continue)                    
10. This concludes our form and stick to undertaking a beautiful pendant. Cut our sausage. I make cuts to 1 mm.      
11. nice and neat and impose cuts on the workpiece (in my case, puppet Scalp)           
12. as usual - is spread, smooth, carefully cut out the desired shape and ... voila!      


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