Creative art: Mosaic of paper

Artist Sandy Schimmel (Sandhi Schimmel) created a magnificent series of portraits of spam - advertising, calendars, photos, greeting cards and other mail. It turns out that the contents of the mailbox may also be useful for creative experimentation.
sandhi-schimmels-01 (680x680, 277Kb)

sandhi-schimmels-02 (680x529, 702Kb)

sandhi-schimmels-03 (680x544, 260Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-04 (680x377, 178Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-05 (680x510, 218Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-06 (680x680, 248Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-07 (680x678, 234Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-08 (680x408, 178Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-09 (535x679, 198Kb)
sandhi-schimmels-10 (535x659, 204Kb)


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