Chair covers

 (392x698, 129Kb)

 (400x592, 50Kb)
To contrast the cover we will need:

Blue fabric - 1 m width of 150 cm
Yellow fabric - 1 m width of 150 cm

Getting Started

Parts number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 cuts out of the blue cloth (part number 3 twice), and part number 5 - fabric yellow.First sew parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, leaving the sections along the height of the chair legs.Then sew the item number 6.And finally, the yellow elements doshivaem № 5.Stitches smooths.

 (600x453, 98Kb)

Pattern A - height of the backrest.B - width of the chair.In - depth of seat.D - height of the legs.E - height of the chair.F - the width of gates.Variant cover for the chair II.Bright flowers
 (392x698, 129Kb)

For bright cover, we need: Fabric flowered - 1 m 150 cm wide stripes - 1 m width of 150 cm, Getting Started Details number 1, 2, 3 and 4 cuts out of the material in the flower (item number 4 - four times) and part number 5 - a material with stripes.№ 4 pairs of parts sew the left side, otglazhivaem seams.Turns them on the right side and back iron.Turned triangular ties a bow.Sew the remaining parts otglazhivaem bag chair and handle the lower seam.
 (600x416, 83Kb)

Pattern A - height of the backrest.In - depth of seat.C - height of the legs.D - width of the gates.E - zavyazok width.F - height chairs.


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