Easter ideas and gifts

Of eggshells make pictures of her cut patterns, but it turned out that there is umelitsy to embroider on a brittle material ...Such a skilled worker was Elizabeth Klein from France, which for the past ten years creating the eggs pictures of blooming gardens, peasants', stretching across Realized in egg shell holes bright silk ribbon.Three-dimensional effect and noble luster of silk enable connoisseurs described its unique art as "Poetry on the egg."

The difficulty lies in the fact that embroidery is not the destruction of eggs, it is a form of eggs preserved.But threading a needle with a thread going through a tiny hole in the bottom of the egg.

In the arsenal of Elizabeth entire alphabet embroidered on the eggs.This alphabet is astounding and the desire to touch what you see.Because refuses to believe what they see with their own eyes.So brittle material, which works needlewoman.Beauty is not only in the embroidery, but also in the selection of colors of threads and ribbons.It was tender and soft colors make embroidery more unique.



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