Easy women sundress

Sew summer dress of lawn just in 1 hour!

This batiste dress, like a flower, you can make just one hour. In order to cut out a dress, no need to build a pattern. The dress is ideal for tall, slender women. For the dress you will need colored lawn width of 140 cm and 160 cm long, elastic rubber band width of 1.5 cm and a length of about 2 m. First, we must remove the two measurements: • Chest circumference (in this case 92cm) ; • Length of dress from the waist (46cm here).

Cut the fabric folded in half, as shown in the drawing pattern.

How to sew a dress:
• Sostrochite open vertical seam dress, seams handle. Tuck the dress on the top 2 cm in width, leaving an open area for vdevaniya gum on the bottom. Sostrochite • details of ruffles on each short cut. Tuck the frill on the bottom and top of the width of 0.5 cm away from the top 2 cm ruffles and route the line of stitch length 4 mm. Pull up to the width of the bottom frill dress.Scribbled frill on her dress. • Petticoats Dresses sostrochite on the vertical seam. Tuck the bottom of the dress at a distance of 0.5 cm and stitch. Tuck the top of the Petticoats, fold the dress Petticoats wrong side, scribbled on a dress Petticoats at the waist and at a distance of 2 cm below (the label "kuliska for gum"), leaving an open area for vdevaniya gum. Vdente • gum in dress width of 1.5 cm the upper and kulisku kulisku on the waist line dresses, adjust the length dresses, elastic stitch, sew kulisok exposed hand. • From the remaining tissue to sew the two straps dress width 0.7 cm Pristrochite straps on dresses forehand, adjust the length, pristrochite straps on the back of the dress.


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