Embroidery sewing: Pink cosmetic bag

Very simple.

Remember how in school sewing potholders at the lessons work?It turns more of them had to do cosmetic rather than potholders! See photo master class)
1 (500x328, 183Kb) 2 (500x374, 229Kb) 3 (500x374, 224Kb)
 4 (496x316, 255Kb) 5 (497x332, 250Kb) 6 (500x375, 274Kb) 7 (500x375, 265Kb) 8 (500x375, 279Kb) 9 (500x375, 282Kb) 10 (500x375, 258Kb) 11 (500x375, 216Kb) 12 (500x375, 235Kb) 13 (500x375, 250Kb) 14 (500x375, 258Kb) 15 (500x375, 250Kb) 16 (500x375, 225Kb) 17 (500x346, 237Kb) 18 (500x375, 221Kb)


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