Fashionable dress 2011 - details and accents

- Long dress 
- A dress with long sleeves

- Asymmetry, draperies, and various weave 
- Increased the "fuzzy" and the bulk binding 
- Thick drapes forming the volume dress 

- Many frills, raw edge 
- Insertion of fur, lace 
- Ruffles, ripple, a variety of "Hall", and drapes and ruffles 

- A combination of different texture materials 
- Collar, collar or hood 
- Bulky items and decorations on the dress 

- Rich decor: paetki, sequins, beads 
- Color: orange - a rich and subdued, purple, brown, pink, soft blue, yellow, etc. 
- Classic: the red, white, black, golden color 

- Velvet is still in vogue 
- Knitted dress - hit of the season 
- Vintage retro style

- Red Dress 
- Black dress 
- White Dress 
- Gold Dress 
- Ethnic 
- Silk 
- Weaving 


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