felting bags and lined with Velcro-type frames

Help yourself!

a lot of pictures .... 

So we need - 50 grams of wool, a piece of chiffon underlay for laminate, scissors, sewing machine, soap, water))), glue, metal frame, a syringe and screw driver

to measure the perimeter of the frame began to add half the perimeter of 50% and lay off this distance on the template.Rather, on the substrate, from which we cut out after our template.construct a rectangle to the desired depth as we add 50%, rounding the bottom edges of

then a piece of silk pouch shem in form template, cut away the seams close to the seam and put on the template seamy.

because we have silk solid color, I wanted to decorate it.I took navyrezala and bells.In this case, can be used as chiffon and satin tight, synthetic fabric - it is especially vivid colors, lace.

and begin to lay out wool - fiber along the fiber across

Impregnate the layers with warm soapy water, try not to soak those locks that are in favor of a pattern, turn

admire our little flowers, discernible through the template and tuck the edge of the pattern

and continue to spread hair - inside and out

decorate the top fibers of silk in tone bells, moistened and polishers are passed

again turn over, bends and edges are passed just once Grinders

after we have walked on the surface grinders can poglpdit our future a little bag, wash, remove excess water, wash and pat again on all sides.Then we need to get to the template.You can use scissors for this purpose.Careful not to stretch the edge, pushed one into her palm, and the lap top druoy to better combine wool and silk

when lapping over, look at the folds - there are often formed "scars" - their mash fingers like dough

"In the corner, we substitute the cam and stroke, giving a pleasant roundness barrels

then turns face outward

 go ahead, fluff - check the form, again playing the manner and ensure that nothing we have not distorted

When the product sat half-felting process will be implemented.
Dries our bag.I've never stuffed the package thing until it dries.I kept the shape and without.
Here's our dried beautician

Because of my miscalculation in building a template handbag turned out smaller than the perimeter of the frame.What should I do?
And that's it!  
cut off the diagonal

glue box
 you're done!
but her white ass

Faith and kolokolchikovy
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