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Impeccable Protection

Tent from the flies . Master class
 (575x698, 206Kb)
To protect a pleasant summer resort feast on fresh air from uninvited guests - flies and other buzzing parnokrylyh, you need to carefully hide all your edibles, particularly sweet. And make it easy.

  • thin plastic mesh turquoise
  • thick silver wire
  • decorative tape
  • turquoise beads
  • pliers
  • nippers
By the way
If you decorate a product tag, get a copy of this camp-tent. And if you use lots of different-sized and multi-colored beads and rich ribbons - the tent in the Oriental style!
1Increasing or decreasing the original template, you can make a lot of tents that are suitable for the size of your dish. Vykroyte of fine plastic mesh nine wedges. Sew them consistently with each other on the sides, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm After the first and last parts are sewn, straighten the product.
2Take a piece of wire length of 35 cm and route it along the seam between the slices. Carefully vsheyte wire, making the line as close as possible to the wire. Trim the excess material, departing from the seam 0,5 cm Vsheyte wire in the other joints.
3Tightly fasten the wire ends into a bun on top of the tent. Pliers cut off the long ends of the wire. The lower ends of the wire with pliers, twist the spiral into a small steering wheel. Dish tent on the front side.
4Decorate the tent by hand sewn beading and beautifully folded decorative bow .
5Your protective cloak of flies ready .
Miracle sieve . Master class
What is needed?
  • metal colander
  • a thin foil of copper-colored Rayher
  • thin wire
  • spray acrylic paint copper color
  • Beads
  • pliers
  • nippers
  • Bulka
  • awl
  • Jigsaw Metal
1With the screen carefully sawed jigsaw unnecessary details. In ventilated spray paint a copper-colored TONE surface of the workpiece.
2On the foil with an awl, strongly pushing, draw a circle with a diameter 2-4 cm with a ruler, divide each circle into 8 or 16 pieces. Scissors cut out of foil large number of details in the form of marked-up laps. Next the scissors work through each lobe, at the request of rounding or sharpening it. Awl perform in the center of each piece are two openings.
3With rubber pads, and special Bulekov for making flowers out of fabric on each part, leave a simple embossed mark in the form of one or two straight lines.
4Using the wire segments of length 20-22 cm, and beads, assemble parts into a flower, grouping a large workpiece small. Several small pieces connect only with beads. The ends of the wire leave the length of 8-10 cm Pull the ends of the wire through the hole especially in flowers and a colander, and attach the flowers to the bottom of the screen. Fold the ends of the wire into a small "knot". Several colors can be placed randomly. As the holder on top in the center attach great bead.
5Your wonder-screen ready.
6To glasses of drinks on a hot day does not become inappropriate for swimming pools insects, cover them with exquisite linen handkerchiefs. The edges of the handle vpodgibku or using oblique borders. And that is not easy hankies flew with gusts of summer breeze, to the edge of each perimeter nasheyte coated gold acrylic paint, metal washers. As the weighting can be used and other materials: beautiful buttons, beads, lenses, suspension.


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