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Decorate salads.

Here is a simple and original ways of how to decorate any lettuce to make your table look elegant!

 (640x480, 135Kb)
 (542x451, 99Kb)
 (552x375, 117Kb)
 (524x433, 93Kb)

 (569x392, 84Kb)
 (547x431, 96Kb)
 (528x427, 114Kb)
 (619x401, 98Kb)
 (360x480, 76Kb)
 (640x480, 131Kb)
 (640x480, 122Kb)
 (640x480, 154Kb)
 (639x479, 100Kb)
 (293x479, 79Kb)
 (559x411, 91Kb)


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