Gift presents: Felted toys.

It would seem that a few cm of growth in these woolen toys and how much the brightness of the image!
Charms, pendants, toy:
 (600x400, 55Kb)
 (600x400, 81Kb) (600x400, 54Kb)

 (341x512, 16Kb)
 (341x512, 24Kb)
And it seems rainbow sheep wool:
 (341x512, 25Kb)
Pig dumped out of wool or small Mykh?
 (600x400, 51Kb)
 (341x512, 17Kb)
 (600x400, 55Kb)
And not a lot of pins made of wool:

 (341x512, 16Kb)
 (600x400, 48Kb)
 (600x400, 49Kb)


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