Gift presents: Tree of Love


Materials: beads, wire to the frame (stalistaya or aluminum), glass beads, acrylic paint, thread or sezal, paint, decor - pebbles, shells and so on.
Make a frame.

To do this, cut wire (length 23 cm, the number of - 4 units and one 5-I, at 32 cm)

Then bend the wire in four ring, bind tightly ends:

The fifth wire bend so (this will be the main axis, to the end of her later attach the barrel):

Insert the first ring as follows:

So you want to insert the 2nd and 3rd ring:

The joints tightly bind wire.
4th ring is inserted inside than vertically and horizontally:

It turns out that's a ball with her foot:

Next you need to cut the wire at 35 cm for the barrel.This wire to pin the ball primatyvaem:

Tighten the leg beautifully (of course, optional):

By the trunk can be attached to any zagogulenki, zavitochki of wire:

Sadim tree in a cast.

After solidification of gypsum to make a thicker stem with construction adhesive tape or wrapping paper napkins with PVA, PVA + or gypsum.Paint the trunk:

We take a thread or sezal, primatyvaem one end to the ball, and prokrashivaya selected color (before winding thread, you must carefully painted to match the frame, which will be painted with thread), wrapped around the ball.Wet the thread sticks to it.

It turns out that's a miracle:

Once the ball is wrapped, you are ready to decorate.Making flower garlands, attaching the ends of the wire to the wire frame.Decorate to your liking, using beads, flowers, leaves, etc.

Then you can dip the ball in the paint (I use "high-gloss panel," firms "Irkom." He is very fast drying and completely stinks) and sprinkle with gold glitter - our tree shine!

Decorate the trunk, after having covered it with varnish (as if swimming the ball was held):

The tree is ready!


Any questions about the trees and the MC you can always ask the author, it can always be found here
Thank tohka.99


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