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Box-needle bed

You'll need: yarn (any), scissors, hook, beads, needles and glass (either from the yogurt, sour cream or something else), in my case it's a cup of yogurt under the "Rostishka"

Approximate schemes for which I was knitting all
Figure 1 

Scheme 2

In the beginning I started out lace cup. Under the scheme a green knitted bottom thread:

Then, without the additions I'm starting to knit the "walls" cup.

Constantly trying on and, if necessary by adding the entire cup tied:

By the same printsypu knit white interior "cup"

Dress green glass in a plastic cup, plastic cup in a white paste.

Bind both knitted cup rachim step:

Thread is cut off, leaving a long tail.

Now take over the cap. Under the scheme a flat knitting part of the scheme 2 the convex part of knitting.

On the convex side of the flower begin to knit. Combine schemes 1 and 2. Sertsevinku knit yellow:

Then vyvyazyvayu petals

Have put between two pieces of caps and sufficient sintapona also bind their rachim step:

Yellow stamens bisserom embroider.

Operculum ready. Sew a glass to kryshkchke, or vice versa
those with green tail, which I had left:

Casket is ready:

Likewise, you can make a fungus, or some other flower. Hat used as a needle bed, and put into something valuable and important


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