Jewelry pearl: crochet tutorial

lesson on knitting harness hook (with beads)

We print on a string beads, leaving the thread on the reel.Number of colors of beads may vary from 1 to 6.I propose to try to ease with 3 colors: white, blue and dark blue.

Nizhem beads alternately, as shown.The length of string with beads should be approximately 2.40 -2.50 m (the length of necklace will about 40-42 cm), the thread is left on the reel and does not come offExclamation .

Then do hook one air loop.

By air loop rolls first bead of blue.

Provyazyvaem together with a bead string.

Then drove a blue bead and is doing the same operation.

Then - a white one.

And then again: blue, blue, white.

Obtain a chain of six loops and six beads.

From the chain make a ring.

Then threaded hook behind the rear wall of the first loop with a blue bisinoy.

Rolled to the bottom of the blue bead and thread provyazyvaem together.

Doing the same operation with a blue bead.

And then the white.

Then it all fit in the scheme described above (blue bead, blue, and then - white).

How convenient alternate different colors of beads that you see every time the color of bead to go next.It turns out that you knit as in the ordinary crochet in a circle.The only difference is that a thread is also a bead.

When all the beads on the thread runs out, you can simply close the loop, as in the usual knitting.Then the usual needle thread is sewn the same clasp

You can also use zip-cap, drip a few drops of glue inside, and firmly embedded in the hole burning

and all the product is ready Razz !


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