Knitting round cord for the simplest device.

My grandmother made this device itself: hammered into a wooden spool four cloves (up to about the middle) and removed with a needle loop. What is needed now is more aesthetic devices, they tend to 
larger coils, they themselves are of different sizes, "studs" on them is a different number, and remove the loop we offer spokes or crochet. 

And this is one of mine, it is larger, it is no longer lagging shnurochek, and quite a lace Godyaev pen bag 

Here's how. 

In the opening superustroysva pulled thread 

Thread obkruchivayutsya all pinks, that the working thread has remained outside 

Loop on a nail is captured (needle, needles, crochet - as to whom it is more convenient), so that the working thread is above it. Toss a loop through the nail and through the working thread inside the coil, so that the working thread is formed on a nail a new loop. 

Knit so all loops in a circle before .... to the desired length of cord 


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