Learning for kids: Yummy PICTURE

Big cards are dealt evenly to players.Small cards are shuffled and formed face down. Lead takes on a small card shows a picture and children.The player, whom she takes her own right and puts on a big map and polyasnyaet your choice.The one who first correctly fill all their big cards.

 (699x467, 71Kb)
 (699x470, 63Kb)

 (699x468, 67Kb)
 (699x471, 62Kb)

 (699x468, 30Kb)
 (699x470, 28Kb)

 (699x471, 29Kb)
 (699x472, 33Kb)
 (699x469, 32Kb)
z5 (699x473, 33 Kb)
z6 (700x470, 32 Kb)
 (699x471, 61Kb)


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