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Handbag of the grid

Weaving grid square
Mesh square weave for napkins, tablecloths, rugs.
Prior to weaving nets should be wound thread on the shuttle. It should be borne in mind that when weaving nets with square loops extreme loops obtained small. In order to shuttle freely pass through them, you need to wrap the little thread. For example, thread number 10 are wound in the 20-25 rpm.
Prior to weaving nets need to calculate the required number of cells based on the deployment pattern. Must be on each side of the grid to keep spare 1-2 rows for vpyalivaniya grid in the hoop (vpyalivanie grid hoop described below).
First weave the first loop . This loop of the auxiliary, as it will not enter into the net.

Плетение 1-й петли квадратной сетки
Take out the plate out of the loop, turn the work and weave another loop 2. Her tightening knot for the end of the loop 1. Received two loops: one small one upstairs and one large 2 below.

Плетение 2-й петли квадратной сетки
Turn the work and the third row, weave two loops 3 and 4, and tied each one to the bottom of the loop 2.

Плетение 3-й и 4-й петель квадратной сетки
Again, turn the work and weave three loops 5, 6 and 7.

Плетение 5-й, 6-й и 7-й петель квадратной сетки
Of these, loop 5 and 6 - are big, and the loop 7 - a little. Again, turn the work and weave in the fifth row four coils 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Плетение 8-й и следующих петель квадратной сетки
Loop to be added at the end of each row, it turns out half the previous loop of the series. Weave each new series starts with this little loop b (Fig. right), the last in the previous row or first when you turn the work. Therefore, when the shuttle wound many threads, it is difficult to drag through the small loop. In order to shuttle easily passed through this loop, it is necessary for the formation of the first loop of the next row a small loop knot to move up the loop of previous row.
Then, when the shuttle is stretched, it is necessary to tighten a knot before the new loop, drop down a little knot of the loop. Then the first loop of the new series will not be less than the other loops.

Плетение нового ряда квадратной сетки с маленькой (прибавочной) петли б
So continue to spin up to half of the square by adding at the end of each new series in a loop, causing grid is obtained in the form of a triangle.
Loop is added to until their number will not be on one loop more than required by the pattern, calculated for embroidery. When such a series (at one loop more) gossip, turn the work and weave one row without the addition of loops.

Треугольник — первая половина квадратной сетки
Then begin to weave a net decrease of (deduction) to one loop in each row. To do this at the end of each row of two loops connecting one node, ie, the formation of the last loop of a number of shuttle injected directly into both loops.

Начало плетения второй половины квадратной сетки (сбавки)
Continue to weave the net and slow down the loop as long as the number will not go two loops.They should be joined as follows. Rod and fingers encircle a thread, and then drag the canoe through the two loops. But before you tighten the knot, you must remove the rod, keeping the loop with the little finger.

Продолжение плетения квадратной сетки
Pinky free, pull the shuttle thread, by the end of two loops and tighten knot. Square grid is ready.
Typically, a thread wound around the shuttle, not enough for the entire grid. To continue weaving again be wound on the shuttle thread and tie it to the tip end of the thread remaining on the grid.

Завязывание узла при плетении сетки
Knot tied firmly, so that when tightening the grid it does not burst. The tip should leave a little to it with a knot tied by a thread does not pass through the loop. The remainder of the tip of the thread together with the node should be up in about half of the loop.

Завязанный узел на сетке


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