Paper art

Probably, all the girls in childhood fond of paper dolls. Themselves drawing on white cardboard, painted themselves, and then painted clothing. I remember, I corresponded with her cousin and she sent me to mail these pupae. Many of us, being older ladies who still have not played enough. That's a dancer and artist, whose name Asya messenger still cuts out paper dolls. But do not just "Alenok, its genre and the creation of costumes. What makes Asya - a mixture of two techniques - the origami and vytynanki. Her dolls are so popular with people that they have already bought up by collectors for very good money. Two thousand hryvnia for two days.

The materials cost a penny. It Whatman paper "Maestro", be sure the plastic board (from plywood and particleboard knives ports), medical scalpel (cut paper), tweezers, magnifying glass. Just as in the jewelry business. Only instead of a miniature soldering iron - polymer adhesive for concrete.

In general, pretty words and more action! Admire and appreciate.


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