Pendant necklaces

Embroidery cabochon (mosaic)


2.Now we need to put the stone in the frame of the beads.The second row do the following scheme: two beads through one.Third row, on the contrary, one in two.

3.Third row: 2-1-2-1.So we diminish the number of beads.

4.Chtoby pull off the rim, you should make a number of single beads.for reliability can be passed around the circle several times, tying thread to the stone sat tight.

5.Then embroider stitch "back needle" somewhat close to the skin immediately around the stone.The more rows - the bigger will be the pendant.The beads should fit snugly together.

6.Cut our pendant.Scissors, remove all unnecessary, as much as possible, "the roots", but without damaging the threads.Thus we get the byaka from the inside:

7.Prikleivaem this very thing on a piece of skin.

8.Cut off - and we get quite a decent pendant.

9.But remained an important point.Now, two pieces of leather sewn to each other.It will take a lot of patience, needles and possibly even proskogubtsy.Sew over the edge, connecting the base and lining.

10.Now type in kulonchika quite decent.To hang him sew a small ring on the wrong side.
Well ...voila!



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