Recycling of CDs: sunflower frame

Sunflower leaves are made of chiffon or silk, although in principle suitable for any fancy stuff.One time I cut the leaves out of felt.But the photo shows how to work with chiffon.Making leaves

Not releasing a leaf out of the hands of his stitches to type well, or at such places without stitches by hand.Excess cut off.

In this way, prepares all the petals.They can make two different sizes, some a little bigger (this is the outer circle), and those that smaller - it's inner circle.You can make three circles - so even prettier.
Now proceed to the assembly of the sunflower.Middle of a cut of dublerina 2cm larger than the diameter of an ordinary disk (such dublerin used to seal the collars and cuffs of shirts for men).Circling sew the petals.
 this face  and this is the reverse side
The next step needs to be done on the sheet to be attached sunflower.From the same dense dublerina as we cut the center, cut two pieces of sunflower
Results from two such sheets:
Skleevaem them together, stitch rib.Sheet ready.Sew or prikleevaem harvesting sunflowers.The result should look like this:

Take the old drive, glue it in the middle (can be replaced with cardboard. The main thing that B flat and dense base was, as it will be glued to the photo).

Sticking a photo and get the result

Oh yeah I almost forgot.On the wrong side of the loop must stick to that and will be catching all this beauty.


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