Book of the Firebird!

In fact, art and books are very closely connected - stories and tales that read a person like the wings of his imagination, flies far beyond the limits of consciousness. This fact is confirmed Armor Sawyer, master portrait sculpture that turns ordinary color pages in the fabulous and wonderful Firebird.
This art form is very interesting, because the idea to create the books that give us the sea of ​​useful information, some sculptures, very creative.Armor Sawyer, after the College of Design, became very close to the genre of book sculptures, and she plunged into this bizarre world of paper animals.
4 (600x562, 65Kb)

7 (400x600, 90Kb)
1 (600x450, 127Kb)
2 (600x450, 55Kb)
3 (400x600, 55Kb)
5 (600x451, 45Kb)


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