Summer t-shirt for kids

Size 104-110 cm
3333333333333333333333333333333 (475x700, 170Kb)
33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 (573x700, 169Kb)
Materials: yarn ANNA 100% cotton (100 gr./530 m), the hook number 1 
Dial string of EP (74 ticks), close to the ring and tie on a circle 
3 rows (Diagram 1). 

Divide the knitting in half: 37 ticks on the front, 37 
ticks on the back. Further back, and front knit separately. 
Before (Figure 2) 

Linking the scheme knit lyamochki: width 4 ticks, length of 17 rows. 
Back (Figure 3) 


Linking the scheme knit lyamochki: width 4 ticks, length of 17 rows. 
Lyamochki sew. Coquette is ready. Down from the yokes knit openwork pattern 
scheme 4. 


Linking pattern under the scheme, polustolbikami go on the wrong side 
to the penultimate row (number of ticks) and knit 3 rows of ticks and re-laced image 
scheme 4. Repeat this step 1 more time. 
Next, knit 4 rows of ticks (pre-move to purl 
polustolbikami side to the penultimate row) and drawing on the scheme 5. 

resulting in little to Top ryushah (their 3 pcs.) knit arch out of 5 VIs 
attaching them as pico. on the arches knit pattern on Scheme 6. 

Sleeve (knit 2 pieces). 
Recruit chain of CP and were binding on it 33 ticks. Further, in each row 
diminishes by a check mark on both sides, while in 1911 there will be no 
ticks. Sleeve prisbarivaya, is sewn into the armhole. Then knit, attaching a 
beginning and end of the series sleeve to armhole, drawing on the scheme 7. 

Image linking to Scheme 7, knit again drawing on the scheme 5. 
several working photo: 


There is no recent photos of the finished sleeves with Sewn rezinochkoy. I knit in the reverse side a number of Bobbin gum. 
Neck of the stamp is tying the scheme 8. 

Finished top stripped and decorate as desired.


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