Unique craft projects: Postcard-bust.

So, preparing bases - to draw out a folded sheet of half a round object.I cast his cup, you can draw a compass.

-Cut our piece.

-Now zagotovochku to wear.I used paper from the set of the new collection TGC Baby Girl and ribbons from the sewing store.

-Draw out our billet on scrap paper and cut out) the top of the bodice simulate at will (well, you never know what you want to undercut)

-Decorate workpiece first podrezikom or darts - I do not know how to stitch this is called), I sewed the ribbon just to skrapbumage.Then stitches through skrapbumaku and our foundation, with a bodice of lace substitute.I used the lace with an elastic band - in any fabric store sells.And, of course, jewelry ... well, a bust without a bow and charming pobryakushechki ..

- Decorate the interior of our cards.This will be her panties.Again outline the basis for our skrapbumage, cut and draw panties.As a round object, I used the lid from a tin box, where it was cookies.Decorate with lace and a bow in the same - well, it's the same kit!



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