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Bows by September 1


White fluffy bows by September 1, very aktualno.Prodolzhayu topic bows from simple to complex.

Need tape 2,8 m width of 7 cm (white nylon) and 1.4 m-blue (Kristalon) width of 7 sm.Nakladyvaem tape at each other as shown in the photo and cut Circuits petals-only 50 sht.Shirina lobe 5 cm

When he reached the end of blue ribbon, flip it and continue to cut.
Make the petals tucks, pulling the edge of the pocket, fix the hot needle.
We turn off a petal into a tube and fix the hot needle.
At the circle (5 cm in diameter), cut from two layers of silk lining, uniformly attach the petals.
1 coat-11 petals
2 layer-11 petals
3 layer-11 petals
4 layer-9 petals
-6 5 layer of petals
In the middle, 2 petals.
Each successive layer is attached to the middle, with a shift banta.Dvumya last petals closing the middle.
Glue silicone adhesive gum to volos.No can and sew.
Petals to the base can be glued with silicone kleem.Tozhe pretty well.
If it is difficult to close in the late middle of a work ("Bald seredinke"), it can cover any flower, bead.


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