Willow corrugated paper

Corrugated paper can also be made of willow. In my opinion, the willows to make easier and faster than any other flowers. A working white corrugated paper, cotton, green or brown crepe paper, wire and scissors.

Segment of the white paper should be cut into squares about 3 by 3 cm size squares depend on the desired size seals on willow.
In the middle of the square to put a small amount of wool:

Next you need to gather the ends together:

After that, twist the ends of the assembled rod (turn the collected ends):

These operations perform with all the squares:
Take one cat and put it on the tip of the wire (the end of the wire should rest against the cotton wool in the middle of a cat):

Take a narrow segment of brown or green paper and start obkruchivat wire to be visible only to the white ball of paper:
Okruchivaya wire segment of the paper, as necessary, attach the other seals, fixing them this segment of the paper:
Attach all the seals and attach a segment of paper at the bottom of the wire, bent her over.
Verbochki ready:


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