Baskets for gifts: holiday crafts

In the main pattern to the middle of the petals was shestiugolnik.I-barrel vase were the same length at the base with a side of the hexagon. Although the bottom and you can think of square and round.
In order to lay the substrate can be taken under the laminate, or non-woven fabric two layers (in our shops, light gray is the canvas, sold for rags to clean floors) And under the leaves enclose sintepon. In short, the rich ..
Constitutes a "sandwich" of fabric that will be inside the vase, and laying out fabric, which will be outside. Promazsdftv gasket adhesive with a pencil and glue the three layers, so that when the stitch does not move the upper and lower cloth.
After that, each part doing the stitches. On the edge of the zig-zagom handle. 

 Sew through the first one petal that there was no bias. Then fully connect all the parts widest part of the zig-zagom.
  Similarly, sew the sides of the bowl on top vazochki.Na can sew ribbons. It seems to me that it adorns, and vase looks better, covering not too neat edge.


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